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Thermal Camera

A thermal imaging camera is a thermal camera that records the different infrared radiation emitted by each object, which vary in function of temperature.
It is thus able to reproduce the surface temperatures of the object pointed own or to show the flow of heat present on a wall, when there is a heat source behind it.
A thermal camera can be used in different situations (Fire , People Search , Protection , Training).

Electronic Components


– Industrial
– Telecommunications
– IoT
– Surveillance
– Military
– Aerospace
– R & D
– Academic

Telephone headsets and accessories

Headset are often composed of at least two parts: the headset itself to wear and a cable to connect the headset to different devices(mobile, cordless, computer..).There are different types of headphones, the major categories are: monaural and binaural, by wire or wireless. The headsets are the answer to the growing demand to communicate with professionalism and naturalness; do not neglect the increase in productivity that is achieved by equipping the people in your business with these useful accessories.