Aquila DS PTZ 640 SERIES


Liteye Thermal Pan and Tilt Cameras


Avon Protection NH15 COMBO NBCR Escape Mask Monoxide CO

Avon Protection

The clear material gives a non-threatening appearance, aids with recognition of the wearer and also allows for superior visual communication.
Twin low-profile filters on a unique hinge system feature the latest filtration media which reduces breathing resistance and a front reflector makes it easier to identify colleagues in low light environments.

D840/D880 series Module


Thermal imaging module

DLD-L Series


Especially suitable to the day/night surveillance in residential district, park, dock, etc


Thermal camera to be mounted on platforms for firefighting applications

Movitherm MIO Series – Intelligent I/O

Intelligent I/O Module for FLIR® Cameras

Reference Design Low Power IOT

Kerlink Reference Design Low Power IOT complete package including hardware, software, tools & recommendations allowing you to prototype and produce a final product in a very short space of time. The objective is to offer end-device designers, software developers, architects, and operation engineers’ step-by-step directions for quickly conceiving and producing IoT connected end-devices which offers high performance and resilience, low energy consumption, optimized radio performance, robustness and reliability on the field, based on latest specifications and standards.

Thermal camera A15

The FLIR A-Series is the perfect solution for those applications that require the benefits of a thermal image. The FLIR Ax15-Series camera has features and functions that make it the natural choice for anyone who uses PC software to solve problems.

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Thermal camera A300

Designed to help safeguard your plant and measure temperature differences, they allow you to see problems before they become costly failures -- preventing downtime and enhancing worker safety.